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Back? Perhaps...

2015-03-07 20:22:25 by mario753

HEY PEOPLE WHO LOOKED AT MY PROFILE POSSIBLY ONCE! Probably thought I'd moved on or died or both, eh? Wellllll, sorta. Lots of shite happened within a few years that caused me to drop music and art entirely. School got in the way as well, and still kinda is. But now that I've recovered my password and updated my profile shite, I thought I'd better update after... 3 years...
But hey, I'm getting back to it, and I'm picking up a few tracks I left to rot. I'll just brush 'em off. Green lumpy stuff is healthy anyways, yeah? As far as art goes, I don't have a scanner to put my notebooks to, or a graphics pad, so that'll have to wait. Other than that, I'm in a chorus class, and once I figure I've gotten enough practice to assume that the internet won't regurgitate me out like cow cud, I'll see what I can do about doing some vocal stuff, and I'll be up for doing voice acting eventually. Either way, next time you hear from me, my next track will be out. I hope y'all like it.

First Submitted Song!

2012-04-27 21:13:05 by mario753

Hey Newgrounders! I finally made an audio contribution to the site! All I need now is some listeners and a few good ratings, and if I'm lucky a front-page! Anyway, here's the link.

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Alright, here's another one! dated=1

Me and why the hell i'm here

2011-05-22 01:37:01 by mario753

Ok all of you reading this first post of mine should know why the F*** i'm here.Well i am really here to just watch a lot of my favorite vids and play some of the best games on earth.....which of course are all here on newgrounds.But I am looking for someone to tell me how the hell to make a flash video.I mean i want to have great videos like Osuka and Mindchamber and even Alvin-Earthworm!But of course i also want to add to what newground has to offer in music and art as well.I even have my latest "master piece" right here in this post.Anyway if anyone has any bright, original, or even OK idea I'd love to hear it.

Me and why the hell i'm here